Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saying goodbye to the Chapmans

Just a few months after I arrived in 2007, Mike and Diane Chapman also arrived in PNG.  They came initially to build the new hospital and to teach.  Now 8 years later, they have been involved in teaching at the Bible and Teacher's College, in working with pastors and teaching them carpentry skills, in helping the Teacher's College with their standards for admissions, and just loving the people of PNG.  They have definitely given of themselves, so others can know what Christ's love looks like.

To say goodbye, we had a pizza potluck at the Barnabas House.  Everyone always enjoys the pizza, especially the kids.  Levi especially seemed to be enjoying the evening and had a huge smile on his face the whole time he wasn't chewing his pizza. We have some pretty cute kids.

God has now called them back to the US, where they will have a chance to reconnect with family, after being away from them for 8 years, before starting work back in Alaska.  Keep praying for their transition, for their time with family, and for the right jobs to open up.

We and all the PNGians who have been ministered to and loved by the Chapmans these past 8 years will definitely miss them being here.  We will be praying for you guys.