Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nazarene Hospital Foundation

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital is the only remaining hospital in the Church of the Nazarene.  Our hospital receives support from the Papua New Guinea government, from individual donors, from the Church of the Nazarene and through amazing partners like the Nazarene Hospital Foundation (NHF).  

NHF was started by Dr. Todd Winter after he came to PNG in 1998.  While he was compelled by what he saw and wanted to help, he and his family felt that moving to PNG to serve wasn't part of God's plan for them, instead the plan included supporting the work of the hospital through Nazarene Hospital Foundation.  NHF collects medical supplies, medicines, medical equipment and more from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other places in the US that aren't being used or are going to be thrown away.  Todd and his NHF crew, work to sort through the donations and find what is most needed for us at Kudjip.  Then, they load up 20 foot containers and send them across the Ocean to Papua New Guinea.  For the past 13 years, NHF has sent us over 26 containers full of medical supplies. 

The medical supplies are a LIFESAVER to us.  They supplement what the government gives us.  The government supplies us with many essential medicines and supplies, but it is hard to have all the medicines and supplies that a country of 7+ million people need, so at times the Government runs out of things.  When we are short, we have to ask ourselves, how important is that piece of equipment, or supply, or medicine and then we ask if we have the money to purchase it.  Sometimes we need it and we order it and sometimes we need it, but don't have the money to buy it so we wait, hoping the government will come through. 

Many times, we don't have to go any further than our own storeroom to replenish our supply.  Through the past 13 years, NHF has a list of items that we need and use regularly, and they work to keep us in stock of those items.  Guaze, Gloves, Catheters, IV cannulas, Suture, Orthopedic braces, and Ultrasound Gel are just a few of the supplies we regularly need. 

Outside of supplies, usually 1/2 of the containers that come are full of medicines.  Through various companies and organizations in the US, NHF is able to get boxes and boxes of medicines for almost nothing.  Medicines that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, he gets for a few hundred dollars - saving the hospital TONS of money in the process. 

These medicines are vital to our pharmacy and the care we are able to provide.  We frequently run out of common things like Ibuprofen, Tylenol and antibiotics.  The donated medicines keep us going when our supplies are short.  These medicines have saved lives - from having an antibiotic to treat pneumonia, to having pain medicine to treat arthritis which is all to common here, to having blood pressure medicine to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks in our patients, to having blood thinners when patients have gotten blood clots, and more. 

Without NHF support, we wouldn't be able to serve all those we serve as well as we do.  The patient care we give has a reputation in PNG as being very good, we wouldn't have that reputation if we didn't have all the supplies and medicines that NHF provides. 

NHF needs your help.  They can't do what they do without financial support.  $10 of support to NHF can supply the hospital with $1500 worth of medicines.  I don't know of a place that can get a better return on your dollar than that.  If you would like to help NHF and Kudjip Nazarene Hospital - go here.

NHF also takes donations of medical supplies and equipment - BUT we can't accept everything.  We only have so much room in our Storeroom and we only want to fill the containers with equipment, supplies and medicines that will be useful to us here at Kudijp.  Before you send anyting to NHF - you have to clear it with Todd Winter at email: wintert@nazarenehospitalfoundation.org

It isn't that we don't want your stuff, it is just that throwing things away, or getting rid of equipment and supplies that aren't useful to us is very difficult in PNG.  We also want to be good stewards spending $5000 to ship a container to PNG that isn't going to be used, is not a very good use of resources.  Kudjip doesn't have a lot of maintenance guys who can spend hours fixing broken pieces of medical equipment or supplies.  If it doesn't work for you, please don't send it.  We have a list of the most needed medicines and supplies which can guide your donations.