Saturday, June 4, 2016

There and back again . . . a hiker's tale

4 friends (Tim, Sheena, Lydia and Erin) started off on a journey to reach the summit of Mt. Wilhelm.  One had been there before, 3 had not.  Along the way they picked up 2 companions, PNG friends (Apa and Alois), who helped complete the fellowship, making 6 total. 

Once we arrived, we packed up our stuff and started our trip up the mountain.  Rain fell on us as we walked up to base camp, but it didn't deter us.  As we walked through Jurassic Valley, we were ready for any Raptors or T Rexs to come out from the behind the trees.  We didn't see any, but did spot some baby pterodactyls.  They were far away in the distance, so we couldn't get a picture of them, but I am sure that is what they were. 

We made it up to basecamp in great time and so we filtered water, got dinner ready and got to bed early.  We got up at 0200 to get ready for our journey.  The weather was great, the stars awaited us as we started out.  When the sun finally came out we were greeted with a beautiful scene of clouds and mountains and the sun making it's was through, definitely a beautiful day.  When we got to the top, there wasn't a lot to see, since the clouds had come in, but we enjoyed and celebrated getting there.

We made good time getting down making it to base camp and the car in enough time to get all the way back to Kudjip.  We had a great trip, all a little sore at the end, but happy to be home and sleeping in our own beds.