Sunday, July 24, 2016

Neurosurgery Success

We don't do a lot of neurosurgery, but occasionally when the opportunities arise, we do what we can/have to.  Last year, a little boy was having fevers and headache and then he lost the function of one side of his body.  At that point, we found on ultrasound what looked like an abscess in his brain, and were able to successfully drain it.  When he left the hospital, he was a happy little kid, but we weren't sure how he would do (wondering if we really got it all, would it come back, would he recover, etc?)  Now it is 8 months later, and he is doing great.  Mom brought him back because he had a little fever and she was worried he might have a brain infection again.  I reassured her that he didn't and was happy for the followup in how well this little one did.  Praise God for his mercies to us, being new each morning.