Monday, February 6, 2017

Prayers Answered

On Christmas Day, one of our Nazarene Pastors was admitted for continued symptoms that had been going on for about 3 weeks.  His headaches, fevers, and muscle pains hadn't been cured with the prior treatments.  Over about 3 days, he went from answering my questions to almost unresponsive.  As the family, church leaders asked what was happening, how he was doing, what could be done, I shared that I didn't know and that despite treating him for everything I could based on the most likely diagnosis given his lab and Xray results, I was concerned that he could die, even die that day.

The family trusted God's plan for his life, and we prayed that would save him, would heal him, would use the medicine to help his liver and kidneys start worked again.  In 24 hours time, he went from comatose and almost dead to sitting up and talking to me.  I just saw him back for his review, now almost 4 weeks later and he had no complaints, the fevers were gone, he was walking without difficulty, was talking without any confusion - he was healed.  What a gift, what an answer to prayer. 

As thankful as we were for Pastor John's recovery, I know that the same day he recovered, I signed a death certificate of someone who didn't make it.  We pray for healing in this life, but our desire is for the patients to have a relationship with Christ that allows this life not to be the end.  Pray that we would continue to minister to patients both for their physical health as well as for their spiritual.