Monday, June 4, 2018

Last hike for Charity

Charity has been working at our MK elementary school for the last 2 years teaching.  She is getting ready to start a new adventure that God has called her too next school year, but before she left Kudjip she got to go on one last hike and this one with her dad.  Steve, her dad, came on a Work and Witness trip the last few weeks of Charity's time at Kudjip and so some of us got to go up to Mt. Tabi while he was here.

John was our trusty guide as always, both leading the way, explaining some of the new things Steve was seeing, as well as demonstrating how to make a fire without matches.  The May grass was in full effect - both the beauty of it and the allergenic nature it is to some of us.  We had a beautiful day for the hike and got to enjoy God's beauty from above.

We will miss Charity as she heads out and am thankful God brought her to Kudjip for this period of time.