Saturday, July 14, 2018

Project Update

The Hospital Expansion Project continues their progress.  The Medical Storeroom has some of it's walls up now and is close to being completed.  The real work of that building, will be to move everything into it from the Old Storeroom and Old Hospital that has been storing things.

The additional Labor Ward Space has most of the walls completed now.  There is still a lot of work to be done with a roof, and putting a hole in the current ward to connect the two, but progress is happening.

The sidewalks have been poured for some of our new foot traffic patterns, especially as we look to move our Haus Krai Building, and will now have good sidewalks for the stretchers to be able to use.

The new OPD Expansion is making great progress.  The walls are done, the roof is coming, and we need some inside cabinets and sinks, but it is looking like exam rooms.  The OPD Waiting area is almost finished as well.

We are only 6 months into the Project, but we are already seeing great changes and are excited about using the space in the days ahead.