Thursday, May 1, 2008

Adventures in Gardening part 4

Since Megan, Joe, and Luke are now safely back in the US, I thought I should go out and check on the garden again. The first thing I saw was that something had been in the garden, digging. I found hoof prints around the garden and deemed it was a pig. Thankfully it seemed to mostly just go after the areas where nothing was really growing. It dug up the cabbage that the bugs had destroyed, and the plot where the beans were just dying. It did get around a berry bush, but I think the bush will survive. I was not happy when I saw the destruction as I know there isn't much that can be done.

In PNG, pigs are wealth. They roam freely, but everyone knows which ones are theirs. If you would accidentally hurt a pig, or hit it with a car, or kill it because it is destructive, you will find yourself paying compensation to the owner of the pig. However, good luck trying to get compensation from them for the destruction the pigs do. The Riggins had some pig problems in their yard and the only way to solve it was to put a fence around their yard. Maybe the pig will just go away on its own, we shall see.
I did find some very large beans that are growing. This one was as big as my shoe. The bean plant was too heavy for the bamboo post, and it had fallen on the ground. Too bad I don't really care for beans. Thankfully the pig didn't get to my 3 cucumbers, and one watermelon which is still growing. We shall see how they hold up against the bugs.