Saturday, August 7, 2010

Best and Worst

One of the best things about going to climb Mt. Wilhelm is the view that you get as you drive on the 3 hr road from Kundiawa to Kegsugal. With mountains all around and the river below, it is very picturesque. The more you look, the more you notice how many gardens are up on the hillsides. You can follow the zigzag dirt paths that gardeners daily travel to work their gardens. Some of the gardens are right on the edge of a cliff, how the people don't fall, I am not sure. They sure are making every effort to use all the land they can.
One of the worst things about going to climb Mt. Wilhelm is the 3 hr drive from Kundiawa to Kegsugal. The dirt road has many ruts and
rocks along the way making for a very bumpy ride. Not only that, but it is only a one lane road with very few opportunities to get by another car, thankfu
lly there isn't a lot of traffic, but if there was you would be in trouble. The beauty of the hillsides and water, also require you to cross 14 bridges to get to the Kegsugal. This wouldn't be bad if the bridges were sturdy like in the US, but they aren't. One bridge in particular had almost no wooden boards across, just the rails of the bridge and 2 rows of boards for the vehicle to ride on. Thankfully, Bill was able to get the vehicles safely across while the rest of us wa
lked. We also had a wooden bridge with no sides if drove anywhere other than the middle you were risking a fall. If the bridges themselves weren't bad enough, there was also a bridge that was guarded by some locals who were demanding a bridge toll and had a tree in the middle of the bridge. Thankfully, the bridge itself was fine and we just had to pay the 10 Kina and crossed without difficulty.