Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Erin/Brian

Baby Erin and her brother Samson were born about 6 months ago. Erin was the first PNG kid I got to name. She went home with her brother after she gained enough weight, but then came back into the hospital for a few days due to seizures when she was a couple months old. Everytime they would come the mom would always come and find me to have me see them. Well this past week Erin came back. Mom was concerned because she wasn't able to raise her head and it didn't seem like she was seeing well. I examined her and found mom's assessment accurate. Erin couldn't hold up her head, nor did she have great tone in her extremities. She also didn't seem to be seeing anything. She would move her eyes all around, but wouldn't focus on anything. I asked Dr. Susan to come in and examine her to see if there was something else going on, or if there was something that we could do for her. Unfortunately, there isn't. There aren't many resources in our country for handicapped folks of any kind. We did refer them to a rehab place close to us, but we aren't really sure if they will have anything to help her. Thankfully Samson appears to be fine (he is being held by an older sister in this picture). Please pray for Baby Erin and her family during this time. I am not sure how handicapped children are viewed in this culture, or what kind of support the family may get from others.

Update on Baby Brian. He successfully had surgery to place a diverting colostomy 1 day after admission. He is still recovering, and is fighting a small infection, but the colostomy is working. He is now breastfeeding without vomiting out his nose, and his abdomen is no longer distended. Praise God for His healing touch through Dr. Jim's hands.