Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adventures in Gardening Part 5

After the pig destroyed some of the garden, I decided I needed to go out and try and fix it. (Keep in mind I have no idea what I am doing.) The gardens in PNG are all built up from the ground due to all the rain that we get. The pig seemed to like the edges of the plots, so a lot of the plots became level. So for the past 3 days, I have been out working. I set out with my shovel, weeder thingie, and rake to try and rebuild the plots. It was quite labor intensive, but I managed to rebuild them the best I could. Some were a lot easier than others, and I did have to sacrifice some tomato plants on one of the plots. After shoveling and moving the dirt around, they looked pretty bad, definitely not ready for planting. So I took the rotatiller to them. I need to weedeat, but the plots now look like they did before. Now, I need to figure out what to plant. I will probably try more cucumbers and watermelon. 2 of the cucumbers, that I planted before, are still growing, tragically one was lost in the pig damage. Some bugs are chewing their leaves, but I am still hopeful they make it. The one watermelon plant is still growing, it was the only thing left on it's plot, the rest the pig destroyed.

Bill often would grow things in little nursery boxes and then transplant them to the garden plots. Through email I asked him about this and he told me to use the soil in this black soil storage box behind the house. So today I decided I was going to get these boxes ready to plant on Saturday. I open the lid to this thing and find lots of small bugs crawling around and leaves and soil. I take a shovel to get some out and put it in the boxes, no big deal. However, one shovel full unveiled a large whitish/clearish insect of some sort with multiple legs. I have never seen one (of whatever this is) this big before. I decided I really didn't want that to eat up my seeds that I would be putting in the soil, so I put it back to play with it's friend which was also inside. I decided I didn't know what else was in this soil, but I didn't really want to find out, so I got soil from the compost pile that the pig had dug through, and will use this.