Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Locked In

Last night, after work, I decided to weedeat the garden. All of Bill's tools are in their shed behind the house. The shed has 2 doors which have a chain and padlock on them, the key to the padlock is inside the house. The shed connects to the McCoy's house, so when I go out to do work in the garden, I lock the door to their house behind me so no one steals anything.

So, I went out into the shed and pulled the door locked behind me. As soon as I pulled the door shut, I looked and saw the padlocked door in front of me. I realized I hadn't opened the padlock nor did I grab the keys to do so. I turned around to make sure the door behind me was locked - it was. I now found myself locked in the McCoy's shed. I started looking all around to see if maybe there was a way to get out - there wasn't. I checked the padlocks to see if they were really locked - they were. Then I started wondering what I was going to do. No one is around. The McCoys are obviously gone, the Riggins (who live across the way) are in Australia, and the Boyes (who live on the other side of the McCoys) are now in Canada. Pam lives 2 houses down from the McCoys, so I decided she was my best option. So what do I do, I scream her name. I am thinking, what are the chances that she is home, or that she will hear someone screaming her name, but I didn't have another choice, so I called for her. It was either that or start eating the green bananas and wait til someone came looking for me.

The national kids who live on the other side of the fence behind the McCoys heard me screaming. They kind of started to come closer, peeking their heads between the trees and over the fence wondering what was going on. When I saw this, I asked them to come closer. So they did, and I explained to the oldest boy that I was locked inside, and asked him if he could go and get Pam. I don't know if he even tried to get Pam (who wasn't home), but shortly thereafter his dad, Baru, came to the fence. Baru is part of our Hospital Management Team and works in the administration building. I explained to him what happened and asked if he could go through my house and let me in. He, kindly, jumped the fence and did just this and I was free. In case the McCoys were concerned, they no longer have to worry about anyone breaking in, or breaking out of their shed. I tried, and short of chain cutters I couldn't find a way out.