Thursday, May 22, 2008

Looting of a Container

Today toward the end of PE (badminton) lots of men were running down the road toward the hydro plant and the road. I finally asked someone what was going on, they said a truck carrying a container was stopped so people were going to steal things. (This is right over the hill from the Dooley's house) After PE, I went to look and found lots of people on top of the containers and heard sounds of something hitting steel. I prayed for the driver of the vehicle and walked away. We got a storm in the afternoon, and I was praying that it would cause the people to stop, but apparently it didn't deter them. I went back down at 4:30pm (almost 3 hours later), and they were just finishing up and moving the vehicle to let all the cars which were stuck for 3 hours finally get going.

The story from Gail (and pics too), who heard it from others is as follows. The semitruck and another truck both got on the oneway bridge at the same time. The semi was backing up to let the other truck go, when folks rushed out and wouldn't let the truck go. A lot of guys started to climb on top of the containers to get the stuff inside. Apparently the driver of the semi, tried to back up and get away, but it didn't work. Some folks were on top of the container when he moved it, and fell pretty hard, one guy with at least one broken bone (he came to the hospital). They finally took the battery from the semi and the driver's keys and proceeded to chop through the steel container with hatchets (or something similar). Once through they then distributed all the goods to everyone standing around. I am not sure how things got divided and who got to decide who got what, but lots of folks were walking away with flour, paper, rice, etc. Another semi then towed away the first semi enough for the bridge to be clear and traffic to go again. There were police there, but they were unable the looting. Thankfully the driver wasn't hurt.
Thankfully this doesn't happen all the time, but it also isn't uncommon. Apparently the people have no problem taking things in this situation, or causing the problem to start with so they can benefit from it. It is sad. Please pray that God would convict these people, and that they would see the error in their ways. Pray also that the kids who saw this, wouldn't follow in their parents footsteps, but might have a different view of things as they get older.