Friday, December 25, 2009

Caroling on the wards

Each year the missionaries go to the wards on Christmas Eve and sing Christmas carols. We also give out gifts to the patients who are spending Christmas in the hospital. This year we sang some songs in tok Pisin, tok ples Whagi, and tok ples English. We didn't have a lot of patients, but it is a joy to spread some Christmas cheer to them and their families, especially knowing it will be the last Christmas for some of them.
Ismeal was readmitted to the hospital this week. He is losing his fight against his leukemia. It hasn't been easy to see him struggle to live, but he does continue to fight. He looked the best he has while we were singing and handing out gifts. I am thankful for the 2 Christmases which he has gotten to enjoy despite having leukemia, but I know this will be his last. Pray for his family and him during this time.