Saturday, April 13, 2013

Congratulations Jessica and Quinton

Songs were sung, speeches were given, laughs were heard, verses were read and tears were shed as we celebrated Jessica and Quinton’s High School Graduation. It was somewhat bittersweet with the joy in knowing they are on their next path in life, but the sadness in knowing they will be far away from their families back in PNG.  Jessica Myers is headed to Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Quinton Schmelzenbach is headed to Northwest Nazarene University in the fall.  Both are interested in ministry in one form or another.  Scott Dooley gave the commencement address and assured us all that although they don't have all the answers to all the unknowns about the future, the God who has been faithful to them and their families, will continue to do the same and will guide and direct them, and we can rest in that.  Congratulations Jessica and Quinton, we will miss you and will keep praying for you.