Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prayer Meeting

Each Thursday night the missionaries gather for prayer meeting. Every month, a different missionary family hosts prayer meeting. Jeff is in charge, and has been asking me for a while when I was going to host it. At the end of last month, I told him I could do it as I wasn't on call any Thursday in June. At the time, I didn't realize that the Work and Witness teams would likely also be attending prayer meeting. I thought I could put the 20 or so of us into my living room, but when I found out there would be 25 from the Work and Witness Team, I wasn't so sure. I borrowed all the chairs from the McCoys, and folding chairs from 2 others in order to get 35 chairs, and floor space to hold us all. Last week, the WW team didn't show up, so we had lots of room, but this week was a different story.

Dr. John Brothwell and his family were recognized this evening and were given the Barnabas award. This is an award for those who have gone above and beyond in supporting and encouraging the work of God here at Kudjip. Dr. John has been here 6 times as a volunteer surgeon, and this time brought 24 others to build the volunteer house. We managed to squeeze everyone into my living room, and had at least one member of every household in attendance. We had a great time of fellowship as we praised God for what He has done, and prayed for things we would like to see done. The Work and Witness team will be leaving in the am, and the Chapmans thanked them for their hard work and gave all families Pidgin songbooks to take home with them.