Monday, June 9, 2008


Those of you who know me will probably find this surprising, but I spent the afternoon with Gail Dooley making a quilt. (Today is the queen of England's birthday, and we (PNG) being part of the Commonwealth of England recognize this public holiday.) Lots of folks here have recently made quilts because one of our recent volunteers, Pattie Boyes, loved to quilt and helped everyone make a quilt. When everyone else was quilting I thought it would be nice to replace the quilt that is currently on my bed (pic on left), but I didn't want to spend every afternoon for a few months doing it. While my sister was here we were talking with Gail and she mentioned that she had made a quilt in a day. I thought, I can give a day to make a quilt.
When I told Gail I wanted to replace my queen size quilt, she wasn't sure we would get it done in one day (especially since I haven't used a sewing machine since 8th grade Home Ec, and know nothing about quilting), but we gave it a try. I picked out the fabric and pattern the other night
when I was at her house. I tried to pick an easy pattern, so big squares won out. I started by cutting the squares and randomly sewing them together. Gail helped a lot. She cut squares, ironed, and pinned the next segments together for me to sew. Soon the 1x2 squares became 1x4, then 1x8, and finally 1x16 before we started joining them together. We didn't finish the whole quilt today, but we did finish the top and got the back cut out. This was apparently the piecework, and next is the quilting work to hold it all together. Hopefully one more afternoon is all I need.