Sunday, July 20, 2008

House Fires

This afternoon I looked out my window and saw a bunch of people by the Riggins house looking out over the valley below. Not knowing what they all were looking at, I decided to go and find out. Once there, I saw in the distance, smoke coming up from a house. When I asked what happened, I got various stories. I heard that 2 lains were fighting over land, that one lain didn't want to fight so they "cooked" their houses, someone else came back and said it was just one tribe that was doing it to themselves. No one really seemed to know, but no one hesitated to share what they thought was happening. As we were watching, more houses went up in flames, and people were seen gathering together at one house, apparently discussing what they should do. At one point we heard the sound of bamboo burning, which sounds somewhat like a gunshot, but unfortunately later we did hear some gun shots. I don't really know why they set the houses on fire, who was involved, or if anyone was hurt. I know none of the missionaries were hurt, and that we need to continue to pray for the people of PNG that violence would not be their answer to everything.