Monday, July 21, 2008

Remembrance Day

Today the hospital was closed in honor of Remembrance Day, which is a day PNG remembers all their soldiers who have fought and lost their lives in military conflict. The real holiday is July 23rd in recognition of the first engagement between PNG troops and Japanese troops on that day in 1942 at Awala near Kokoda, but we did it today so it wasn't in the middle of the week.

After the house fires yesterday, there was talk of the 2 subclans of the lain fighting this am, but thankfully they didn't. A new Work and Witness team is here from Washington, so since the doctors had a day off, we had a softball game. We had a good time playing. We play across from the Primary School, so after school we had a lot of fans who came to watch. They have the best seats in the house, right behind the plate, and along the baselines. At times they help us when the ball gets away from someone. They don't really play softball or baseball here, but some do play cricket. Following softball, some of us played ultimate frisbee, which gave us a good workout.