Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adventures in Gardening Part 6

Some folks have asked how the garden is coming, so I thought I would let you all know. There are less than 2 weeks before Bill comes back to his garden. I know I haven't been able to grow as much as he does, but hopefully keeping the weeds down will be seen as a good thing.

I have recently gotten some things to grow. 3 watermelon are growing, there use to be more smaller ones, but they seem to have disappeared and just these 3 remain. The farthest one on the left seems to have stopped growing though, as the 2nd one is overtaking it in size. Hopefully they will get bigger, we shall see. New cucumbers and cabbages are also growing. My first cucumber plant produced some very nice cucumbers, and I am hoping for good things from these ones. I also planted some more just a few days ago, so hopefully we will have lots of cucumbers for a while. The cabbages thus far look good, but others looked good too, until the bugs ate them. We shall see if they survive or not.

I also have some unknown plants growing from seeds I found in Bill's shed. They weren't in a package, but were just laying on the table. I decided I would try and plant some of these. So I currently have 2 unknown plants growing (one on the R). I think they are both squash type things, but we will soon find out.