Saturday, August 30, 2008

And then there were 13

On Thursday, the Riggins and Radcliffes left for their home assignment. They will come back the beginning of January, but with the Myers already gone, we are down to 13 missionaries here. The Bennetts are currently on their way back from a short trip to the US, but the Statons (vols) are here for a few more days to keep us at 13. Since their aren't that many of us, last night we were all able to get together at the Chapmans and have dinner and hangout.
The Riggins and Radcliffes will definitely be missed while they are gone. Aden had recently been coming over to play with me when he would visit Uncle Bill and Aunt Marsha. They got him to call me Auntie Erin, so he would ask if he could come and play. He would knock on my door (which connects the McCoy's and my house) and come over to play. We would play with all the balls I have, or we would go over to the McCoys and get the cars and blocks and build tunnels. He enjoys playing by himself, and will let you know when you are playing or doing something he didn't want you to do. He is quite funny, and very cute. He learned the difference between a volleyball, basketball, football, and we were working on tennis ball and wiffle ball when he left. It is amazing what they pick up on. Look for them at a church near you.