Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good timing

Patients, especially pregnant ones, don't seem to care that we docs typically start work at 0800 and round on the wards first. Many times emergencies and complicated deliveries/labor occur outside the normal working hours. Today was an example of that.
Becky and I were walking to work at like 0755 when I saw a labor ward nurse come out of the side door of B ward with gloves on. (We were only 20 feet away) She yelled emergency, and I took off running (Becky wasn't sure what was happening). I found a mom who was complete upon arrival and was starting to deliver a breech baby. Despite the nurses, nursing students, and CHWs doing the majority of our routine deliveries, a breech didn't fit into that category, so they were looking for help. I quickly had them get me a pair of gloves and was able to successfully deliver the baby. Becky arrived at the end and we resuscitated the baby, which was quite blue. Thankfully, he picked up quite nicely, and so we let the nurses continue their work, and we got to work, just a bit late for our 0800 rounds.