Friday, August 15, 2008

Daly coaching, computer problems

Daly comes to PNG and still manages to get involved with basketball. She was asked by some of the women to help them with their team. Apparently, a women's team of nearby folks has recently been formed and they have a game this Sat in Hagen, then are traveling to Lae, or Madang or somewhere for a national tournament or something. No one really seems to know what the story is. Anyway, Daly went down on Wed and Thurs afternoon to offer her services to these women. It was challenging for her because she couldn't speak enough Pidgin to really know how to communicate, and wasn't sure how much they knew. Gail Dooley did translate for her, which helped a lot. The women were real appreciative of her coming and gave her vegetables, and were going to make a bilum for her. These are traditional ways that folks her show their appreciation. She enjoyed the opportunity to get out and help out the women here. We recently have had some computer issues. We had 2 guys here to fix our network, but it ended up getting slower in the process. They found some viruses, and were working on removing them to make our system run faster, when they left. I didn't realize how much I used the internet until I didn't have it. It has given me more time to spend with Daly, and read, which is nice. We are getting ready to go to Mt. Hagen tomorrow with the Dooleys to go to the Hagen Show. This is apparently, a big gathering of lots of PNG folks in their tribal outfits doing traditional dances and singing.