Saturday, November 15, 2008

What some women do in labor

I had met Betty a few times when I have been at Gail's. She has done some work for Gail and has also quilted with her. About a month ago, I helped her finish the quilt she and Gail were making for her new baby which was coming in Nov. Her and her husband have 2 girls and were hoping for a boy.
Today Betty knocked on my door, not something she has done before, so I went to see what she wanted and how she was doing. She told me she was doing well and was 4cm dilated. She said they told her to go and walk around, so she did. Unlike in the US where most women get hooked up to a monitor their whole labor and thus are stuck in bed, our ladies here just walk around until it is time to deliver. (At times, it is frustrating as the nurses will call you about a pt in labor and when you go down there to check on them they are gone and no one can seem to find them.)
Back to Betty, so as she was walking around she passed by the Ward house and saw the basketball hoop and thought maybe if she shot baskets it would help to move things along. She wanted to know if she could borrow a basketball - sure if that is what she wants. (Personally, I don't think I would be thinking of shooting hoops when I was 4cm dilated, but she was. I was also thinking that I was pretty weak letting the little abd pain I had from a GI bug cause me to rest.) She came back about 30 minutes later to return the basketball. I was amazed at her wanting to shoot hoops. I told her so and she assured me that she wasn't feeling very strong contractions yet - sure.
Well whether it was basketball or not, she did deliver a healthy baby boy. In PNG they don't give them names right away, so he is currently b/o Betty. One of his big sisters was there when I went to visit him, she seemed excited to have a brother. Thankfully both mom and baby were doing well, maybe everyone should shoot hoops while they are in labor?