Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Activities

Friday night we enjoyed dinner with the Chapmans. We had the traditional Kudjip friday night pizza. Diane recently taught me to make pizza, so now I too can enjoy pizza without having to rely on someone to make it for me.
Saturday we got up to say goodbye to Sam and the Bennetts as they headed to America to enjoy their son's wedding, and to see Sam off to college. Then I went on a bike ride with Bill. This picture is about the only time I was this close to him on our ride. He usually is many feet in front of me, and only when he slows down, do I get close. I get close for a short while and then my mind plays tricks on me and makes me think I can pass him. As a result, I pedal as fast as I can to try and pass him, but he always flies by me again. One of these days I hope to stay with him without him having to slow down, but even if I don't, I still enjoy going with him.
After the ride, Daly and I went out to the orchid garden at Avi with Diane, and Ruben and his wife and one daughter. Daly enjoyed seeing all the different animals and orchids. The hornbills weren't as friendly as they had been in the past, but Daly did get one to get onto her arm. Ruben had a hard time getting the kuskus out of the pen, but he finally got her out after suffering some scrapes in the process.
Bill got to work in the garden after being away for 4 months. He managed to turn a lot of ground in order to plant all the things I could not, even without the weedeater and rotatiller, which are not working correctly after I last used them. We did cut into one of the little watermelons, and found it ripe and ready to eat. It was very good. Hopefully, with his help now, we will be able to grow bigger watermelons to enjoy, and more cucumbers.
Our weekend ended with a trip to Suicide Rocks with Bill. We all jumped in and enjoyed the cool refreshing water. I kept trying to take action shots of Daly, but failed miserably, so this pic is as close as you get. It is always a beautiful walk there through the gardens of the villagers who live nearby. One villager was walking the same way we were, so Bill asked him about a plant, which we learned they enjoy as a green, kumu. Always something to learn and see here.