Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daly is here

My friend, Daly Fuller, who I have known since I was a Jr. in high school, is here in PNG for 2 weeks. After a long flight, and an extra trip to Madang before coming to Hagen, she got here last evening. Jim and Kathy went with me into town as we did some shopping before picking her up. We got to the airport at 1600 for the expected arrival at 1610 only to find out that the plane detoured to Madang and should be here at around 1710. We decided we could go to the nearby airport cafe to spend our hour.

We get there and see the sign that says open 7 days, 7-7. It was only 4pm, so we thought we were in luck. We get to the door and find it locked, despite what the sign said. We tried to yell to see if anyone was there, but no one came. We got back to the car, and then a lady walked up who happened to work there. She let us in and we got a small bite to eat. I got ice cream, it came with strawberry topping. I had asked for no strawberry topping, just the vanilla ice cream. Jim wanted a chocolate milkshake along with his sandwich. She asked him if he wanted strawberry with his shake, he said no, and tried to clarify a few times that he just wanted the chocolate milkshake, and I just wanted ice cream without the topping. Thinking we had things squared away we went to our seats. They had some things for sale near where we were sitting and one was this block puzzle. I was looking at it and figured since we had about an hour I could try it. It took me a while to get it apart, and then even longer to put it back together. During this time, both my ice cream and Jim's chocolate milkshake came with strawberry sauce. We all kind of laughed. Both Jim and I were able to put it together before we left. I decided since it was 10K, I would buy it for my sister and Luke. So I went to pay for it, and she said it was just decoration, not for sale. I said but the others have price tags on them, and are for sale. So after about 5 minutes she agreed to let me buy it.

Following that, we picked up Daly at the airport and headed home. The Radcliffe kids were busy making pizza for us while we were gone, so we then enjoyed a nice dinner with their family before coming home and settling in for the night. Daly managed to sleep from 8:30 last night to 1 this afternoon before I woke her up. Hopefully she will sleep tonight.