Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dentist and Daly

The Work and Witness team here, now, has a dentist, Dr. Mike Bachman, and his wife, Marilyn who is a hygienist. They have been spending their days serving the folks here at Kudjip doing dental work by doing lots of cleanings and extractions. I got to have my teeth cleaned today, it had been a year since I last went. My gums are a little sore, and I lost some blood, but I came away with a clean bill of health for my teeth, just the reminder to floss everyday, which I often don't do.
While I have been busy at the hospital seeing patients, and enjoying having Bill back and getting his insight into patient cases, Daly has been busy painting at the new volunteer house. She has gotten the whole front painted, and is waiting for more paint to keep going. The ladder isn't quite tall enough to fully reach as high as she needs, so she has stood on the top rung at times, despite many folks telling her not to do this. She hasn't fallen yet, but has suffered from a few sores knees. I think she will stay busy with all the painting that could be done here on station in these next 2 weeks. I will take her in the hospital with me at least once. We hope to go to see the orchid garden, go out into the village, and to Suicide Rocks this weekend to give her a little cultural experience. We learned, last night, that playing wiffleball in the house is not a good idea, but we had fun doing it.