Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aden is back

Aden and his family (brother Wiley, mom Jill, dad Scot) had been in the US on home assignment from Sept to the beginning of January. They recently got back and so now Aden visits have resumed, which is always fun.
Earlier in the week, Bill and I went to go and get compost for the garden. When we got back, Aden, Wiley, and Jill came out to watch us shovel the compost into the garden. Aden then joined Uncle Bill in the garden to help out. It wasn't long before I heard, "Uncle Bill can we go inside your house and play?" Much to Aden's delight, they did just that after they planted a few things. I found them building bridges and playing with cars when I went to give something to the McCoys.
The other day, I went to throw something away in the trash outside my house when I heard a yell from across the road, "Auntie Erin, can I come over and play?" It was after 5:30pm, almost dinner time, but I went over to see if he was really allowed to play or not. (He often says he is allowed and that he has asked his parents, when he actually hasn't asked yet.) He was, so he came over for about 30 minutes. We had to go to Aunt Marsha's house to borrow some cars, but we had fun.
Almost every time I walk by their house I see him standing at the door looking out. He often asks where I am going and what I am doing. I think he is trying to figure out if he can come outside to play. He is very good at inviting himself over to my house or to Aunt Marsha and Uncle Bill's, but he is so cute and fun to play with that we don't tend to mind.