Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patient update

Unfortunately I have bad news. Nita, the patient from the Jimi with a retained placenta that MAF graciously went and got, has passed away. After tolerating the removal of her placenta, getting blood transfusions and doing better initially she went downhill. She developed, or had prior to coming, a bad pneumonia and wasn't responding to our antibiotics. She passed away yesterday afternoon leaving a husband and 3 children at home. The baby that she just delivered had died prior to her coming to our hospital. Jesmeal, my little guy with a likely CNS tumor also passed away 2 wks ago. He wasn't there on Monday morning when I went to round. I found Bill and asked what happened, hoping he would say he let him go home, but instead I found out he passed away. Death is a part of the job that I don't enjoy. I know we are all destined to die, but it isn't easy to see or to watch someone you have cared for go through. For those who have faith in Christ, we are guaranteed never to die, which is a great hope, but there is still often pain for those left behind. I do look forward to the day when there will be no more pain or tears or death. Until that point, I will keep caring and treating patients and praying that God continues to heal those He brings my way.