Monday, January 12, 2009

Met someone from Bradford

Being that we are one of the only hospitals in the country that has American trained physicians, we often get other missionaries from other areas coming to us for medical care. When I see these missionaries, I usually like to get to know them a little by asking what they are doing here, where they are located here, and where they are from. Why do I ask this? I am not sure. Somehow I think I might know them or someone who knows them, or have been in the state they are from, or heard of the town they are from, or something that might connect us more that just being missionaries in PNG, so I ask. Today, I saw Tristen with his parents. Tristen had fallen from his treehouse and hurt his elbow. Thankfully, it wasn't broken and he didn't need a cast. In talking with his parents, I started to give instructions on what I want to do for him. They told me they are heading home on furlough. No problem, just follow up when you get wherever you are going. So where are you going? The dad is an MAF pilot who is from Germany, but the mom, Christina, was from PA. Really, where in PA? Bradford - what Bradford, that is where I am from. For those who know Bradford, it isn't a big place. The population is about 10,000, with many smaller townships around it. There are usually only a few reasons someone has heard of Bradford: it is the home of Zippo lighters, they saw the Unsolved Mysteries episode about Bradford and the missing platinum, or they see us on TV when they talk about the weather as one of the coldest places in NW PA. Here I am in PNG and I am meeting someone who is from Bradford. Her parents live in Gifford, which is a town of about 400 people just south of Bradford about 15 minutes away. Wow, this world is a small place. So, I guess I never know who I might meet when folks walk through my door. If anything, this will keep me asking where folks are from in case I meet someone else from Bradford, or the other places I have been.