Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buddhism and Baptism

One of the sights that we went to while we were sightseeing in Chiang Mai was a "wat" - the name for a Buddhist temple here in Thailand. I don't know a lot about Buddhism, but I know that lots of the Thai people are Buddhist's, 90% per the web. I was quite amazed at the number of people who were there and worshipping at the wat. There were people who were paying money then lighting candles, pouring incense on things, praying in front of numerous idols, getting blessings from the monks, ringing bells, walking around the big golden central building with a flower in their hands saying something. I really don't understand any of this, but know they are somehow trying to achieve nirvana - end of desires, cravings. For me as a Christian, it was sad to see so many people lost. So many people who are trusting in something that has no hope, so many people who don't know Christ. On the flipside, there was a bright light in the darkness as some young Mong (people group in Asia) people got baptized last Sunday. Last Sunday, we (McCoys, Becky Morsch and I) went with Kent Pelton to Maetang - it has a Bible training college, where he teaches, a Tribal children's home, and a church, all run by the Nazarene Church. There are about 90 kids who live at the home, and primarily come in order to attend schools in area. Some of the kids come from a christian background, but many do not. At the children's home, they go to church, have bible studies, and learn about Jesus. Through this work, many of the kids come to know Christ. Kent preached that am to the kids at the church there, then we all went out to a nearby park for the baptism of 7 kids - ages (I am guessing 10-15). It was neat to hear some of their testimonies prior to the baptism. Kent has been going to a nearby village of Mong people and has developed a relationship with this village. In the process, they have asked him a lot about Christ and he has been able to share with them who Christ is and the hope they can have in Him. Of the girls who got baptized learned of Christ as a result of Kent's work in the village. So after seeing so many folks who are lost, who don't know Christ, who are worshipping idols, it was encouraging to know that the Holy Spirit is working amongst the people of Thailand. There are still so many folks in this world who don't know Christ, who haven't heard of Christ. Thankfully at the conference I am at there are many folks who are trying to change that as they work for the Lord in numerous places in Asia. Continue to pray for the work of God's people in reaching the lost.