Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meeting some of our partners

One of the neat things about the Thailand conference was getting to meet folks I had only heard about or communicated with through email before. Now I can put a face with the names I have come to know. William Walker is a pathologist in Kalamazoo, Michigan who has been a big help to our hospital since I have been to Kudjip. He willingly does the pathology for our hospital. Every month or 2, depending on how often folks come and go from Kudjip, he receives a box of our specimens. These specimens are usually biopsies that Jim does during surgery, and within a few weeks gives us an answer. This has been a tremendous blessing to us in getting confirmation of the diagnosis. Prior to this service, we relied on the hospital in POM, but it often took 6 months or more to get results back. I have also consulted him on peripheral smears that we do looking for leukemias. He has been a huge help in diagnosing leukemias without having to do a bone marrow and helping to get our patients started on treatment quickly. His hospital is willing to donate the expense they have in this process and for that we are grateful. Carl Reading is a radiologist from the Mayo Clinic. I first got in contact with him through Bill. At times, we have Xrays that we aren't really sure what we are seeing, or an ultrasound that we need help on, and through email we are able to get a radiologists opinion. He has been a big help with many cases. While he was here he taught a workshop and gave a lecture on abdominal ultrasound which were very good - so maybe now we won't have to email him as much. Ed and Carol Bos have set up an organization called WorldWideLab Incorporated. They help provide and train lab personnel at mission hospitals to do different lab tests. Ed has been out to Kudjip training some of our workers and has provided us with some of the machines that we currently have and operate. The service that they do has allowed us to care for our patients well by knowing what is going on inside of them. *See the older posts for pictures I just added from the conference.