Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Riggin's Carnival

Scot, Jill, Aden, Wiley and Noah will be leaving their PNG home in September and head to a new, yet unknown, mission station. On Sunday, we had a carnival in the park to celebrate and remember them. The carnival was complete with games - bowling, croquet, bubble blowing contest, face painting, bean bag toss and more. The Dooley's made funnel cakes, which were a hit, despite the majority of folks here having never heard of them. We also had popcorn and cooked hot dogs over the fire. Following the carnival, we
gathered at the McCoys (due to rain) and
shared stories about the Riggins family. We are all going to miss them. Pray for them as they enjoy their last few weeks here. Pray especially for Aden, who understands what is about to happen and is struggling with having to say good-bye.