Monday, March 16, 2009

Mystery Dinner

Becky loves to dress up and get everyone participating in having fun, so what better way to do that than to have a mystery dinner. She organized the mystery dinner so almost everyone would be here with the Myers being back from furlough and the Bennetts not yet leaving for furlough. About a week before the dinner she gave us our characters, potluck food assignments, and costume recommendations so we could be ready. The setting for the mystery was in the 50s, so everyone was suppose to dress accordingly. I have nothing from the 50s or any other era in my wardrobe, so Becky took charge of finding me something to wear.
We all gathered at the MK high school for our evening of fun. I am sure the Papua New Guineans had a few good laughs as they saw us walking in our outfits to the dinner. We ate first and then started to go through the mystery. Becky did a great job of assigning characters to all of us. There were more of us than the 8 people of the mystery, so there were between 2-5 of the same character and we all participated together. I was thankful to have a part that didn't require a lot of speaking or acting, which I enjoyed. Others did a great job acting out their parts and we all shared a number of laughs together. We had a lot of fun.