Monday, April 27, 2009

Everyday life

It is very common to see women carrying large bilums of something on their head. Often it is kaukau, fruit, vegetables or something to sell at market. While walking to work the other day I saw a lady carrying her bilum, but also her baby on top. I stopped to see if I could take her picture and found a young woman probably about my age. She told me she was carrying coffee to sell, and her child was riding along. I am amazed at how strong these women are.
Folks here wear anything. Color, fashion, and even the temperature are not factors that determine what one puts on for the day. Too often I see folks in very large, warm coats who are complaining of being hot and sweating while I am seeing them. At times, they will have on ski caps and I have on a short sleeve shirt and a skirt, it doesn't make sense to me, but that is ok. I am not a fashion person and so it is nice to see folks wear whatever clothes they have without worrying about if it matches or is the latest fashion. The majority of folks here probably, don't have more than a few sets of clothes, if that. I have seen guys wear reflective orange pants that you might find on someone who works doing baggage at an airport. I have seen adult men wear a kids pink dress hat, and baby boys often have pink shirts on. Last week however, was the first time I saw a bathrobe. I saw a 10 yo boy who had a cough, he came with his mom and his younger brother. When he walked into the room, I thought he had a coat on, until I looked closer and realized it was a bathrobe. Now some folks in America, might curl up in their bathrobe when they are sick and stay inside on the couch, or in bed, but most likely they wouldn't wear it outside to the doctor. He probably was just wearing it as a coat.