Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quilt for Graham

With Graham due this coming Tuesday (via csection to his parents, not to Kudjip), it was time to start his quilt. Megan had picked out a pattern and the material and sent it to me a few weeks ago. So yesterday was the marathon quilting day. Gail helped me, and Scott fed me and 12 hours later we were done. It is fun to work on a quilt when it is for someone special. I enjoyed working on it and praying for Graham as I did it. Thankfully we had enough material, and the colors Megan picked out look great together. The whole day wasn't just quilting. We had some entertainment as we played Outburst while Gail and I were finishing up the quilt. The Dooley girls are Allison, Emma, and Olivia. Olivia is 3 going on 4 next month, and very cute. We all took turns choosing a category and calling it out to the others to see if we could get all the answers, including Olivia. When it was Olivia's turn, she said ok go. I said Gail, what is the category - she said we don't know. So everyone just starts calling out things that Olivia would know and recognize - donuts for breakfast, barbies, Cilia and Lydia's ice cream, naps, baths, cocky (their bird), etc. In a random way (to us at least), she would say yes or no. Then after a while she would tell us how many more we had to get, or how many more minutes we had left. It was very cute and fun. It was a nice brief distraction from quilting.