Sunday, April 19, 2009

The GREAT Furniture Exchange

I have lived here for about 18 months now, and have only use the living room when I have guests to watch a movie, or have hosted prayer meeting. These times have numbered less than 10. I didn't use my living room because I thought the furniture was very uncomfortable. I had a very comfortable old recliner in my den, and so the den is where I have spent the majority of my evenings since I have been here. On Thursday evening, Marsha asks me what I think about trading living room furniture with the Schmelzenbachs. Harmon, Cindy, Danielle, and Quentin Schmelzenbach recently joined our station family. Harmon is the new Field Strategy Coordinator, Cindy will assist him with various things, Danielle is heading to college this summer, and Quinton is 13. The problem is they have allergies, and have been miserable since moving here. The comfortable furniture in their house held a lot of dust and was creating problems for them. Mine, although uncomfortable, has nice removable covers, and arms that you can easily dust, so they thought they would give it a try. So when she asked me what I thought about exchanging furniture, I didn't have to think too long. Sure, we can switch. I made sure she knew it wasn't very comfortable, she said they know and don't care. So when I got home friday at lunch, I found a whole new living room waiting for me. I now have a very comfortable couch that I can actually lay on, a love seat, a large area rug, and a little hall rug also. (A special thanks to Verne and Natalie Ward for this great furniture that originally was theirs.) I feel like I have moved into a new house with the new furniture. I have already spent more time in the living room this weekend than I have in a long time, and will continue to do so. So hopefully it works out for the Schmelzenbachs, but it has definitely been a GREAT exchange for me.