Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uninvited Guests

It is common to hear noises in the attic which runs above my house and the McCoys. I don't usually pay much attention to them as it is often a cat, but recently it has been the footsteps of mice and rats. One of the first indications that the noises weren't just Buster, the McCoy's cat, were the 2 holes in the McCoy's wall. Since Buster wasn't taking care of the rat problem, the McCoys took up the responsibility. From traps to glue to more traps a total of 12 mice/rats have been caught. We think they are mainly rats, but one was a little smaller to suggest a mouse.
On Sunday, we caught 2 of them. I was checking email and I heard a trap go off. I went to the door connecting our houses and heard Bill going up the attic to check on the trap. It was empty, but he set it again. Less than an hour later it went off again, this time we caught one. I was still talking with the McCoys and went home about an hour later. As I walked into my den area, I found a rat walking in small circles under my coffee table. I let out a little scream, as it startled me, and went to tell the McCoys. Marsha heard me and came over and Bill wasn't far behind. This was likely the first trap victim from earlier in the evening, as it was injured. Using an old tennis racket and a shovel, Bill scooped him up and took him outside. Bill is gracious enough to kill and dispose of all these rats. Thankfully, we didn't catch any while he was gone recently. We are hoping that is about all of them, but we can't be sure. We are also hoping Buster will start to use his cat skills and catch some of these himself, but we aren't going to wait on him.