Sunday, May 3, 2009

2 - Forever

Bill and I have been playing tennis since Sept. We play at least 2 times a week, sometimes more. Prior to this weekend, I had only beaten him once. That victory came as a surprise to both of us. I beat him after only playing tennis for 3 months and wasn't very good at that point. Given the number of losses since then it was definitely a fluke. However, I have been getting better and playing more consistently and the goal of winning seemed to be getting closer. However, it still seemed far away. There were days when we were playing and I would be winning 5-2, and then he would come back and win, on other days, he would win 6-1. My mistakes were my limiting factor in winning. I knew once I cut down my mistakes, I had a great chance of winning.
On Wed am, we played before work. We started at 0600 and at 0720 we were at 6-5 deuce, my favor. We continued to play for 10 minutes, and still had the same score. At this point, we had to stop and get ready for work. Given the condition of the court, we often have to redo a point because of the bad bounces that the ball takes, which makes our games go long. We have gotten quite good at adjusting to the bad bounces, reacting and hitting a backhand when you were getting ready to hit a forehand, etc. There have been other times when we were tied and had to stop for various reasons, but we never finished those games, we just started again. This time, I wanted to finish, I was so close to winning. So Sat am we finished. I won the first game and thus won the set. I finally obtained my goal of beating him. However, we went on to play 2 more sets, which he won, which continues my forever number of losses. So after winning on Sat, my goal is to keep winning. Giving our competitive natures, I know it will be a battle each time we hit the court, which makes it fun.