Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going to lunch

I used to think that eating lunch was an easy thing to do, I have now realized doing about anything with 2 boys is never easy. We went out to get pictures taken today and went for lunch at Panera. I was feeding Graham and Megan was trying to eat and feed Luke at the same time. When Luke finished eating Megan's food, he decided he would use the fork and put it in my soup to eat. It was working well, until Megan suggests he uses a spoon, but getting more was not a good thing for him. He only spilled it all over the table. He quickly went back to the fork. In one bite he got a piece of broccoli - that got spit out. He did manage to eat quite a bit, but he also spilled a bunch on his shirt and the table. As he is eating, Graham is screaming because his bottle was done, but he wasn't. Megan and I just start laughing as we survey the situation and see everyone in the nearby tables looking at us. We certainly got some stares, but it could have been worse. We were able to clean things up and settle Graham down enough so I could eat and Megan could finish eating before we headed home for much needed naps.