Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Safely home

After a long flight, I safely arrived in PA at my sister's house late Sunday night. Graham was kind enough to get up and meet me as he wanted fed at that time, so I got to feed him before we both went to bed. I got a few hours of sleep before I got to see Luke again. Luke was cute. At one point he said "2 mommies." We explained that I wasn't his mommy, just his aunt, who looks like his mommy. After his nap, he wanted some milk, which Megan was getting, but he came to me to be held. I picked him up, but then he saw Megan and realized I wasn't her, so he reached out to her, but didn't cry. So I am making progress. I am enjoying my time with them. I wasn't on call for feedings last night as I was still not fully recovered from my trip, but now I will be on call every night while I am here for the Grahamster.