Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aerial Photos

For a while, Bill has wanted to get aerial photos of the station and new hospital for future use and has talked about chartering a helicopter to do it. On Saturday, a SIL helicopter came with a patient so Bill got his chance to get the photos he wanted. While Bill was attending to the patient, Mike Chapman (our expert photographer on station) and Josiah (who wants to be a pilot) got to go up and take some shots. The helicopter did need jumped first, which was interesting, but once in the air, they has smooth flying and got some great shots. On the left, you can see the hospitals. The cross shaped hospital is the old hospital, and the new hospital is the bunch of buildings to the left of the old hospital. On the right, you can see the duplex I share with the McCoys. The very last house on the top right is ours. The top half is mine, the bottom is the McCoys, and the garden around us is what Bill and I are tending to. If Google Earth worked where we are, this is what you would see.