Monday, October 26, 2009

Going out for Chinese

Saturday night, I went out for Chinese. There is no Chinese restaurant anywhere near here, but the Dooley home became one this evening. Steph, Rachel and Jordan, Becky, the Dooleys and I enjoyed our Chinese night. We all made something to contribute to the evening. Scott had gotten a lot of egg roll wrappers on a recent trip to Port Moresby, so he put them to good use. We also had beef and broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, rice, cabbage salad, and brownies - it was all very good. Gail did a great job of decorating for the occasion, complete with name tags in Chinese, and the girls dressed up, which was cute. We tried to use chopsticks, but most opted for the forks early on.
A night at the Dooleys isn't complete without a game of Settlers. We had 2 games going so we could all play. One thing I like about Settlers is that it is never the same game twice, every game is a little different which forces you to have a new strategy every time you play. Tonight we had a game of Seafarers and Cities and Knights going. I seem to win a lot, which the others don't seem to enjoy as much as I do. I figure since Bill beats me almost all the time in tennis, I gotta have something I can win at. It was a good night.