Monday, December 14, 2009

Mah Jong and McCoys

2 months after I first got to PNG, Becky came to work for a month as a resident and stayed with me. During that time, the McCoys taught us how to play Mah Jong and we played a number of times during her month here. When Becky came back as a postresident, we continued to play, but less frequently, in fact the last time we played was 9 months ago. While at the Russian Market in Cambodia, Becky and I found a Mah Jong set carved out of wood and bones. We thought it would be a great Christmas gift for the McCoys and might start us playing again. So we got it and brought it home. We decided to give it to them before Christmas so we could use it. So last Saturday we got together to play. The pieces are somewhat different from the old set and at times we had to remind one another what was what, and refresh our memory on how to play and keep score, but we had fun. Hopefully it won't be 9 months before we play again.