Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not what you want your arm to look like

A guy was in a motor vechile accident in 2007 and he fractured his R humerus. He sought care at another hospital and apparently had surgery to reduce his fracture. Unfortunately, they didn't quite get the arm in the correct position. He comes to me 2 years later complaining of pain in his arm and a hard mass around his bicep. The x-ray shows a NICELY HEALED BADLY DISPLACED humeral fracture. The hard mass he was feeling is his distal humerus that pokes up when he flexes and extends his elbow. He is able to still use his arm, but he has some pain, and it isn't as long as his L arm so some tasks are more difficult. At this point, there isn't anything we can do to fix this. You would somehow have to rebreak the callus (new bone) and then reduce it correctly, but we aren't able to do any of that, so I did what I could and gave him some pain medicine and explained the situation to him, and he was okay with now knowing what was wrong.