Friday, December 4, 2009

Play Time

Since I live just beyond above the Riggins at the Southern end of our station, I have to walk by the Riggins house to go anywhere. My comings and goings seem to be common knowledge to Aden and Wiley, who are very observant little boys.
Wed afternoon as I was walking home from work, Aden yells out to me and starts talking. I don't exactly know what he is saying, so I go to their porch and talk to him. He says he wants to come and see my tree, but he is going to Cilla's to see hers first and after that he will come over. Okay, as long as it is okay with your mom. Well Aden and Wiley didn't show up on Wed afternoon, but he didn't forget that I said they could come. So Thurs morning I am on my way to work, and Aden, in his pajamas, is standing just outside his door on the porch telling me he didn't come over yesterday, but maybe he could come today. Sure, as long as it is okay with your parents. So he runs in the house and tells his mom and dad, as I walk to work. At lunch, when I walk by their house Aden is again outside, and yells out "Auntie Erin, did you say I can come to your house now." "No, Aden, not now, but when I get home from work this afternoon." Aden, "Oh, like after nap?" "Yes after naptime is over and your mommy says it is ok." Aden always inquisitive, "Well, what if I ask my daddy?" "Yes, that is fine, if your daddy says it is ok you can come." "Well, what if I ask Wiley?" "No, you can't ask Wiley if you can come, but you can bring him along, you need to ask your mom or your dad." He tries again, "What if Aden asks Aden if Aden can come?" Me laughing, "No buddy, your mom or dad."
So after work Aden and Wiley carry some books and head to my house. Aden read his Dr. Suess book to me and we read a book on the Christmas Story. Aden kept asking about the Activity, and I wasn't sure what he was saying and realized he meant Nativity, so we talked some about that. Then we played cars, built roads, airports, airplanes, took airplane and helicopter rides, played a madeup version of cranium, played ball, and learned about house cries (kind of like a viewing when someone dies, but this one has been going on for days in the village just behind my house). Becky came by and got to read some stories as well. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and I look forward to future afternoons with my little neighbors.