Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aniwa Team

Becky, Steph, Susan, Cilla, and Jessica are on their way to Aniwa. Aniwa is part of the country of Vanuatu which is an island in the Pacific. Becky has been their previously to do training in Community Based Health Care (CBHC), but this time she gets to go with a group from here. There is a large population of people who are part of the John Frum cargo cult. I don't understand everything about this group, but they believe that someone named John will come back to their island bringing lots of cargo and riches to these people, and they await his return. Some have said it started with US soldiers in WWII and a letter that "John From" wrote. The bottom line is these people need the truth of the gospel and need to put their hope in Christ and no one else. Pray for safety for them as they travel and for them as they share God's love to these people through the CBHC training.