Sunday, June 27, 2010

Queen's Birthday fun

Papua New Guinea is part of the Commonwealth of the UK despite being an independent country. As a result, a public holiday is the Queen's birthday, which we celebrated last Monday, even though in Australia and NZ they were celebrating it a week sooner. I don't know what you are suppose to do on the Queen's birthday, but it seemed like a great time to play softball. We have a large number of people on station currently, both family and volunteers, so we had enough for a game. Some of the guys were willing to mow the big primary school field in the morning so we could play in the afternoon. Prior commitments kept some away from the field, but we had enough to play and had a good time doing it. Thankfully, no major injuries this time, which is always a blessing.
Following the softball game, some of the ladies got together for spaghetti, fellowship, and a showing of Phantom of the Opera. The projector my family got me for Christmas, turns my house into a nice movie theatre, so we had a nice time.