Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CON talent show

A number of months ago, Diane and Mike started a once a month Saturday fellowship for the College of Nursing students. They have done a number of things on these Saturdays from playing games, to watching movies, to having dinner, etc. This month, Becky decided to have the students do a talent show, I got to be a judge. Many of the students play in the worship team at church, or lead worship for their fellowship times, and others just play and sing and have fun. About 8 people signed up to do something, but others were inspired while there and did something also.
A couple people sang a song, a few did some dancing to a song, someone read a poem, another guy showed the drawing that he did, and then some got up and told jokes. Once they got over their shyness, it was a good evening. Before we started, Becky taught
everyone the sign language motions to Amazing Love and had everyone doing it to break the ice. Beside the college of nursing students, there were a number of station folks who were there just as spectators, which was fun. The students seemed to have a good time doing it, and everyone enjoyed the cookies afterwards.