Monday, August 9, 2010

The river can be dangerous

This little guy was in the river playing when he slipped and fell. He didn't know exactly what he fell on, but he felt something going inside his rectum. This happened 24 hrs before he was carried into our ER by his family. He complained of abdominal pain and had vomited once today. He was a tough kid. His belly was soft, but diffusely tender. I was concerned that the stick may have perforated his rectum, so I got a xray. Just that morning, I had explained to Charlotte, the new medical student, the importance of looking for free air under the diaphragm on xray, but I had never seen it. But this time it was there. I talked to Jim and he agreed he needed surgery and took him to the OT. He started crying when we told him he needed surgery, but he let me pray for him and then off he went. They found 2 perforations in his colon in surgery, but thankfully he is doing well. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and help him.